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Everyone should be free2wee!

A gender-neutral toilet is a toilet that is not labelled male or female. This means that anyone can use it without discomfort, fear and/or experiencing discrimination, harassment and violence.

Not everyone feels safe or comfortable using toilets labelled male or female. In fact, many people risk their safety accessing gender segregated toilets because they don’t fit others' expectations of who can access male and female spaces.

Experiences of discrimination and violence when using male or female toilets can result in a constant state of anxiety about whether and where to use a toilet, and leads people to avoid spaces where there is no gender-neutral toilet. This limits people's ability to participate fully in the community. 

Gender-neutral toilets are about safety, civil rights, social and economic participation, and health and well-being. Everyone should be Free2Wee! 

What's the solution?

Create a gender neutral toilet in your venue, business or workplace!

Place a sticker on the door or window of your venue to share the news!

How do we create a Gender Neutral toilet?

Single stall bathrooms

Change signs on any “male” or “female” single stall toilets to say "gender-neutral"

multi-stall bathrooms

If you have multiple male and female segregated bathrooms, change signs to make one of them gender-neutral.

It is also possible to make all multi-stall bathrooms gender neutral. 

Access Toilets

If you have an access/disability toilet, add an additional sign to communicate this toilet is also gender-neutral.

Put a sticker in your window to let everyone know you have a gender neutral toilet!

Contact us through the contact page or by sending a message to to get one of our 'gender-neutral toilet available here' window stickers. 

For downloadable gender neutral toilet signs check out our resources.

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